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Thursday 11th May 2006

Start point: Wasdale Head (NY 187 086)

Wasdale Head - Piers Gill - Lingmell - Scafell Pike - Foxes Tarn - Scafell - Lord's Rake - Wasdale Head

Distance: 9 miles     Total Ascent: 1200 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours

Weather: Warm and hazy. 21oC.

Route Map

It was another warm day today, the sun was beating down and all was still. This is an interesting round to reach the well known highest peaks in the country, ascending alongside Piers Gill and descending down Lord's Rake. This route manages to avoid the inevitable crowds and apart from Scafell Pike itself, where there were dozens of people, we were alone for virtually all of the route. Casper is getting there now; he seems to be getting used to climbing the rockier sections after being taught a thing or two by Angus on this walk.

Yewbarrow, Great Gable and Lingmell reflected in a calm Wast Water (England's deepest lake).

Pillar above Wasdale Head.

Kirk Fell - Yew trees surround St. Olaf's Church (England's smallest church).

Great Gable.

Great Napes on Great Gable.

Looking back along Lingmell Beck to Yewbarrow.

...and from further up Lingmell, Red Pike now in view.

Another view of Great Napes.

The great ravine of Piers Gill.

Walking alongside Piers Gill, Lingmell above. Can you spot Angus?

Piers Gill from further up.

Approaching the Corridor Route, the silhouette of Scafell Pike beyond.

Kirk Fell and Great Gable from the Corridor Route.

Made it! - on the summit of Lingmell overlooking Styhead Tarn.

The summit cairn on Lingmell.

Great Gable from Lingmell.

The highest dog in the country! Casper on Scafell Pike (England's highest mountain).

Broad Stand across Mickledore.

Angus leads the way on the path (!) to Foxes Tarn.

Scafell Pike from the Foxes Tarn route.

Foxes Tarn (or should that be 'Two Dogs Tarn'?). The smallest named tarn in the Lake District.

Burnmoor Tarn and Wast Water with Illgill Head and Whin Rigg between from the summit of Scafell.

Mosedale from Scafell, virtually the whole of last weeks walk is visible from here.

Descending Lord's Rake, Angus heads towards the fallen chock stone.

Descending the scree section of Lord's Rake.

Pulpit Rock on Scafell Pike - you can just make out a climber on top of the highest pinnacle.

...and another one below.

Looking back to Mickledore - Pulpit Rock is on the left, Lord's Rake exits centre right on the scree run.

Wasdale Head from the descent. Pillar is centre distance, flanked by the nearer Yewbarrow and Kirk Fell.

Wast Water.

Gorse and Great Gable.

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