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Wednesday 7th June 2006

Start point: Gatesgarth (NY 195 150)

Gatesgarth Farm, Buttermere - Fleetwith Pike Haystacks - Seat (475) - High Crag (Buttermere) - Grey Crag on High Stile (476) - High Stile - Red Pike (Buttermere) - Dodd (Buttermere) (477) - Gatesgarth Farm, Buttermere

Distance: 11 miles     Total Ascent: 1400 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours

Weather: Sunny and warm. 24oC.

Route Map

It was an absolutely beautiful day today, perfect walking weather. The sun was shining, the skies were blue and there was just enough breeze on the tops to keep cool. This is a lovely round of Buttermere and even better on a day like today due to the great, summery views. If I'd had enough time, it would have been nice to have a little snooze by Innominate Tarn in the warm sunshine...but never mind, perhaps next time.

High Crag, High Stile and Dodd from Gatesgarth.

Looking over Gatesgarth Farm into Buttermere and Mellbreak in the distance.

The same view from further up the ascent of Fleetwith Pike.

Climbing Fleetwith Pike.

It's hot today! Casper has a rest on the steep climb, Haystacks and Pillar behind.

Angus and Casper on the summit of Fleetwith Pike.

Pillar beyond Haystacks with High Crag and High Stile to the right.

The view from the summit of Fleetwith Pike.

...and a closer shot.

High Crag from Black Beck.

Innominate Tarn - the tarn with no name - looking over to Pillar. Can you spot Angus having a swim?

Green Gable, Great Gable and Kirk Fell from the tarn on the way to the summit of Haystacks.

...and from further up, Innominate Tarn left and the tarn in the previous photo, right.

High Crag from the summit of Haystacks.

Great Gable from Haystacks.

Ennerdale Water.

Pillar across Ennerdale.

High Crag from Seat. The steep zigzag path is the way up (gulp!).

Looking back on the round just walked from High Crag. Select on the image for a large version.

Angus and Casper rest on the top of High Crag.

High Stile ahead, Casper.

The aptly named Red Pike and Dodd above Bleaberry Tarn - taken from Grey Crag.

...and looking the other way to High Stile from Red Pike.

Dodd in the foreground from Red Pike, the north western fells beyond.

Red Pike from Dodd.

Robinson, Dale Head and Fleetwith Pike from the superb high level path above Buttermere.

Robinson and High Snockrigg.

Fleetwith Pike.

Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks along Warnscale Bottom.

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