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Monday 5th October 2009

Start point: Martindale Old Church (NY 434 184)

Martindale Old Church - Beda Fell - Angletarn Pikes - Angle Tarn - Brock Crags - Satura Crag - Rest Dodd  - The Knott - Rampsgill Head - Kidsty Pike - High Raise - Red Crag - Martindale Old Church

Distance: 10.6 miles     Total Ascent: 1048 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours 40 minutes

Weather: Long sunny spells. 13oC.

Route Map

Today I was joined by StridingEdge stalwarts Andy Lang and Gary Jones for a circuit of Martindale. The occasion was to take in my final two Wainwrights to complete my third time round them, namely Beda Fell and High Raise. After the early mist lifted, the sun shone making it a great end to the walk and of course to completion of the 642!

Dawn at Martindale Old Church.

Beda Fell beyond Christy Bridge.

Howe Grain from the climb to Beda Fell. There was a definite nip in the air this morning.

The view to Ullswater along Boredale from the ridge to Beda head.

The mist is forming over Ullswater and creeping up the valleys.

As we climb higher the mist completely circles Hallin Fell, here with Winter Crag in the foreground.

The view from higher up the ridge.

Place Fell and St. Sunday Crag from the first cairn on the summit ridge.

Beda Head, the summit of Beda Fell with Hallin Fell, Bonscale Pike and Steel Knotts in view.

A bit of sunshine on Place Fell.

Looking back to Beda Head now drenched in early morning sun.

Walking the ridge to Angletarn Pikes.

Bannerdale just before the mist started pouring over the tops from the south and obliterated everything for a while.

Looking towards Glenridding and Ullswater from Angletarn Pikes.

The mist starting to clear at Angle Tarn.

Angletarn Pikes from the climb to Brock Crags - all clear now!

Angle Tarn in sunshine but Angletarn Pikes in mist again, showing how quickly conditions were changing.

Brothers Water from Brock Crags.

Gray Crag and Hayeswater with some dramatic clouds pouring over High Street and Caudale Moor.

Martindale from Satura Crag.

Today's walk was to a background chorus of rutting stags bellowing around Martindale. We saw many smaller herds of deer but were fortunate to see this stag on the horizon.

Brock Crags from the climb to Rest Dodd.

Casper on the summit of Rest Dodd.

Rest Dodd from the start of the climb to the Knott.

High Street from The Knott.

Hayeswater Gill and Hayeswater from The Knott.

Looking across to The Knott from the crossing to Rampsgill Head.

High Street from the summit of Rampsgill Head.

High Raise and blue skies ahead.

Andy, Gary and Casper crossing to Kidsty Pike.

Riggindale and a glimpse of Haweswater from Kidsty Pike.

No sign of the Golden Eagle but the Casper has landed.

Still tarn below High Raise.

Golden sunshine once more on the summit of High Raise.

Me with Casper on High Raise, my third completion of the 214 Wainwrights.

Following the High Street ridge to Red Crag.

Redcrag Tarn.

Looking over to Helvellyn from Red Crag.

The descent back into Martindale.

Ullswater along Fusedale Beck.

Steel Knotts ahead but we descended the path to the left of the summit.

Beda Fell across Martindale.

All is lovely now on Steel Knotts.

Beda Fell from Martindale Old Church.

Ullswater on the way home.

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