Guess the Fell

Guess the Fell is back by popular demand. I know everyone is fed up of being stuck indoors during this C-19 crisis with no chance of getting out on the fells, so I thought I would resurrect this old favourite game from the days of yore.

It’s just for fun but there are a few rules!

Please e-mail the answers to
Please do not post the answers on Facebook!
The judges (Connie McMahon!) decision is final.
The answer and the up to date league table is published below.
Fun must be had!
Good luck…

Friday 24th April – Guess the Fell (4 points)
Monday 20th April – Which fell am I on? (2 points)
Easter Sunday 12th April – this will test you! The highest hump is the name of which fell? (3 points)
Wednesday 8th April – okay things are starting to get tougher now, this should really test your fell knowledge!
1. This is a Birkett fell (2 points)
2. This is a Wainwright fell (1 point)
3. This is not a recognised summit but is a named fell (3 points) UPDATE – it is actually a Birkett but it was so long ago that I went there I had forgotten!
Monday 6th April – a little more difficult perhaps? What is the fell I am on (1 point) and the fell ahead (1 point)?
Saturday 4th April – a nice easy one to start so that you can get in the groove (you’re welcome 🙂 )
Name the fell I am on (1 point) and the fell in the distance (1 point)

J F Atherton11112133215
Angela Bell11112133215
Corine and Aart van Kapel11112133215
Brian Meaker11112133215
Jackie and Derek Poulton11112133215
Don and Dawn11112133215
Ian Hanley11112133215
Carole White11112133215
Wendy and Carl Stuholme11112133215
John and Rachel Allen11112133215
Pete Juniper11112133215
Pat and Emrys11112133215
Simon Smith11112133215
Lesley Ritchie11112133215
Colin and Trina Foreman1111213313
Kevin Potts1111213313
Carol Halsall00112133213
Dave Hitchens1101213312
Katherine Faudemer11112103212
Nigel Holliday11112103212
Ian Parkinson11112130212
Peter Eccleston1111329
Martin Block1111329
Stephen Foster1111210007
Dave Perrins2136
David Harrison1124
Nick Dunkley011100003
Paul and Jacky 112
Anne-Marie Fallon112
Anthony Hartry112
Richard Jenkins112
Steven Mullard110002
David Purvis112
Janine Hornby00112
Joe Jackson101
Andrew Vickers0101
Karen Norton000
Pål Brekke000
Steve Kirkby000
Angela Cowans000
Bryan Thorpe0000000000

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