What a gorgeous morning it was today – the sunrise was perfect and I timed it just right to get some fantastic reflection shots on Derwent Water. After clicking away for a good while at different locations I went over to Buttermere for a climb to Haystacks. It was amazingly quiet, there wasn’t a soul around and I only passed one person on the descent – another great winter walk.

Langdale Circuit

The Langdales were oh so cold today but it was great to be out in winter conditions again. The freeze thaw cycle had made some places quite treacherous, the path to Stickle Tarn was especially so and required spikes to safely climb

Blencathra via Hall’s Fell Ridge

‘For active walkers and scramblers, this route is positively the finest way to any mountain top in the district. It is direct, exhilarating, has glorious views and (especially satisfying) scores a bulls-eye by leading unerringly to the summit cairn’ – AW

Loughrigg Fell

This morning turned into a right old palaver – firstly I set off for Helvellyn but the local weather said that east would be cloudy all day as I set off so I decided upon Coniston…

Torver Common

We had a wander around Torver Common this afternoon, it was lovely up there and the wind was biting but the sunset was lovely.

Walla Crag

The weather has turned wintry once more with plenty of snow around, especially in the northern lakes. There were lots of snow/sleet/hail showers around today and I decided to to a walk from the convenient base of our shop in Keswick to Walla Crag as the views from there are superb.

The Dunnerdale Fells

I had the chance of a swift walk with the dogs at the end of the afternoon so I had a wander around some of the Dunnerdale fells. It turned out to be a stunning sunset, something that didn’t look like it would happen until the very end so I am glad we braved the cold wind and went for it!

The Dodds

Today was supposedly the calm before the storm, but I don’t think the weather necessarily knew that as once on the tops, the wind was howling and I ended up with more layers on than an onion.

Caudale Moor

The wind did howl and the rain did pour this morning for our walk to Caudale Moor. I had intended to go further on this walk but it was so wet and cold I’d had enough after I reached Hartsop Dodd. I think Fletcher came of age today with his first taste of some proper fell weather!

Gummer’s How

It was a grey old day today and it remained unerringly cold so I took Connie and the dogs up to Gummer’s How at the end of the day – it didn’t turn out too badly as there was a decent sunset to make a nice backdrop to the walk.

Stickle Pike

This morning was really poor, the weather was quite damp and dreary but later on the clouds cleared and there was just enough time for a sprint up to Stickle Pike for a glorious sunset.

Lingmoor Fell

Dougal was in for the op that any male wouldn’t like to think too much about today (gulp!) so it was down to young Fletcher to be #1 Fell Dog for the day. They were big paws to fill but Fletcher had no problems carrying it off – today he experienced snow and ice for the first time. Winter has struck on the high ground and the wind was icy coild, through to the bone on the tops but when the leaden skies cleared, what fabulous views there were to be had.

Brock Barrow

Should I, shouldn’t I, should I, shouldn’t I…oh, go on then – time was very short this morning and I did intend to have a low level walk with the boys around Coniston somewhere but then was magically drawn skywards by diminutive Brock Barrow. It was a bit drab and a bit cool but watching Fletcher made me smile – it wasn’t so long ago (July 11th to be exact!) that he climbed this as a small pup and I worried whether it would be too much for the little fella. Now he is as big as Dougal and positively bounded up here…he’s going to be a fine fellwalking dog that Fletcher.

Caermote Hill

I managed to kill more than one bird today – I needed to be in the north Lakes, Fletcher was keen to get out (so he tells me!) and I have never done Caermote Hill. It turned out to be a boggy mess, more of a walk through farmers fields than a fell walk. It was nice to be in a new area though but given the distance from home, I don’t think I will be back in a hurry!

Blengdale Horseshoe

I knew this would be a long one today so hopefully I would time it right to use the daylight to best advantage. The going over Stockdale Moor is a bit of a trudge to say the least and it seems to go on forever – the highlight was coming over Seatallan to the sunset, it was just fantastic.

Silver How

Time for another short walk with Fletcher in tow today, he seems to enjoy the outdoor life and it is interesting to watch him grow when everything is new – crossing a stream, climbing a stile etc are all part of the fell walking experience and something you take for granted but having a new new boy along for the walk reminds you that there are always new hurdle to overcome.

Deepdale Round

The promised clear weather never materialised today, in fact it was the opposite as the clouds and clag closed in as the day went on. I was looking forward to this one as a new route for me, I must go back and do it on a fine day as I think the views would be brilliant from Greenhow End.

Blawith Knott

The weather was quite strange this afternoon, it really warmed up and the sun was shining so I made use of it to have a quick walk up to Blawith Knott. When I arrived it was 19°C and the walk was completed in shirt sleeves – it was a real throw back to summer.

Middle Fell

Today was another chance for Fletcher to get out on to the fells, this time on something a little more rugged than previously. Middle Fell is a fantastic walk with great views yet not too long for the youngster.

Coniston Round

Today’s walk involved an early start to take in a round of the Coniston fells. It was a solitary walk today and there was no-one around and that wind was oh-so cold, I think I have forgotten what it can be like given all the recent warm weather we have had – brrr!

Wasdale Head Show and Shepherd’s Meet

Today was the annual show at Wasdale Head – this shepherd’s meet is over 100 years old and is one of the latest (if not the latest) show of all in the Lake District. The weather turned out to be really good in the end, much better than was forecast or expected.

Fairfield Horseshoe

The weather experts weren’t wrong today, it was an absolutely gorgeous morning for a walk around the Fairfield Horseshoe – one I haven’t done (unbelievably) since 2007.

Loughrigg Fell

My only full day off in September (a month of fantastic warm sunshine) and it was dull and drizzly. Not to worry, fresh air and solitude is good whatever the weather. This was Fletchers first outing to a notable fell – Wainwright number one for him.

Devoke Water

I had enough time for a quick walk around Devoke Water this afternoon – it is guaranteed to be far from the madding crowd up here even at the weekend.

Caw and the Coniston Fells

The weather was supposed to clear later in the day, unfortunately that never materialised but I was enjoying the fresh air so much I extended a planed shorter walk to Caw by linking it to the Coniston fells. It was an unusual route but it was worth it to see if it could be done (the answer is yes, but recommended? Probably not!).