The Mosedale Horseshoe

Start point: Wasdale Head (NY 187 088)

Wasdale Head – Black Sails Pass –Pillar – Wind Gap – Black Crag (Pillar) – Scoat Fell – Steeple – Red Pike – Dore Head Screes – Wasdale Head

Distance: 9.4 miles     Total Ascent: 1009 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 30 minutes

Temperature      4 ℃ 
Felt like        2 ℃
Wind Speed       4.1 mi/h
Wind Direction   NE

What a fantastic day for being out on the fells. February was pretty much a wash out/blow out after a number of named storms and a day of settled and fine weather came as a blessed relief! It’s a good while since I have done this route (12 years!) but I picked the perfect day to visit my favourite fell and area. There was perfect clarity and hardly a breath of wind throughout and I even caught the sun a little too.


Start Point: Kiln Bank Cross (SD 215 933)

Kiln Bank Cross – Park Head Road – Long Mire – Caw (OF) – Park Head Road – Kiln Bank Cross

Distance: 3.5 miles     Total Ascent: 300 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 15 minutes     Start Time: 10:45

Dougal said he fancied a walk today so we chose somewhere that he could manage plus found somewhere away from the grey sky and general dullness of the valleys.

Coniston sunset

Start point: Walna Scar road (SD 289 970)

Walna Scar car park – Boo Tarn – The Old Man of Coniston – Boo Tarn – Walna Scar car park

Distance: 3.8 miles     Total Ascent: 518 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours     Start Time: 14:30

Clear above cloud                 
Temperature      5 ℃ 
Felt like        5 ℃
Wind Speed       1.7 mi/h
Wind Direction   SSW

At home we were under dull cloud but perhaps, just perhaps things would be better up on high…


Start point: Scales (NY 349 272)

Scales – Scales Fell – Blencathra – Scales Fell – Scales

Distance: 5.3 miles     Total Ascent: 660 metres    Time Taken: 2 hours 25 minutes     Start Time: 07:00

Following on from yesterday’s fabulous walk up to Scafell Pike, conditions looked as though they may be the same today so I really fancied witnessing the conditions from a different perspective so it was up to Scales early to head for Blencathra summit for the sunrise. Unfortunately there is no one that can predict the weather or conditions with 100% accuracy and on this occasion the weather did not play as predicted! Ho-hum, you can’t win them all…

Scafell Pike

Start point: Brackenclose (NY 182 074)

Brackenclose – Brown Tongue – Scafell Pike – Mickledore – Lord’s Rake – Scafell – Green How – Brackenclose

Distance: 7.5 miles     Total Ascent: 1140 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 30 minutes     Start Time: 06:45

Clear above cloud                 
Temperature      2 ℃ 
Felt like        2 ℃
Wind Speed       0.9 mi/h
Wind Direction   SSE

Conditions looked favourable for an inversion again today so I took the leap of faith and set off in the dark heading for Scafell Pike to get the best chance of seeing a sunrise over the inversion. Of course you never quite know – will it, won’t it? Climbing higher and through the clouds is a magical moment; witnessing the sunrise in such a place is a truly jaw dropping and inspiring moment; a great day to be on the fells.

Stickle Pike sunset

It was a fantastically clear day in the Lake District today and the evening was looking as though there would be a great sunset. Come on Dougal & Fletcher, let’s get up to Stickle Pike to witness it!

Blawith Knott

Start point: Woodland Fell road (SD 256 879)

Blawith Knott (OF) from the Woodland Fell road

Start Time: 11:25     Weather: Sunny 4C

Wow, what a fantastic day again today! A walk wasn’t really on the cards but sitting under a blanket of fog I knew that conditions would be a continuation of the previous few days when it wasn’t that hard to get above the inversion layer and witness some fantastic views – and that is exactly what I got from lowly Blawith Knott. It was really quite warm above the cloud layer and the views today were forever with really clear air, it was well worth making the effort to walk along this ridge.

Helvellyn Sunrise

Start point: Wythburn (NY 324 136)

Wythburn – Birk Side – Nethermost Pike – High Crag  Dollywaggon Pike   Seat Sandal – Wythburn

Distance: 8 miles    Total Ascent: 1042 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours 30 minutes     Start Time: 06:30

Temperature      5 ℃ 
Felt like        5 ℃
Wind Speed       1.3 mi/h
Wind Direction   ENE

Regular followers of this site over the years will know I like a sunrise walk and particularly at this time of year up to Helvellyn. All the conditions looked to be good for a decent sunrise today so I felt compelled to go for it, and I am mighty glad I did as it was absolutely fantastic up there. Previously all my December walks up there have been memorably cold but this time it was not so bad. Of course you never know what the conditions are really going to be like walking up in the dark but the view of the inversion to the east when nearing the top was fabulous and I knew I was in for a treat from that moment.

Holme Fell

Start Point: Hodge Close (NY 315 016)

Holme Fell from Hodge Close

Distance: 2.6 miles     Total Ascent: 165 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour     Start Time: 09:50


Temperature      -1 ℃ 
Felt like        -4 ℃
Wind Speed       6.4 mi/h
Wind Direction   NNW

It was looking like it would be another fantastic day today so I made time to get to seek out some fresh air and climb the diminutive Holme Fell. It is always enjoyable up here and one I have visited a fair few times over the years. One thing I did notice since I last climbed is how clear the paths up there are now compared to how they were, which I guess proves how popular this fell has become recently. Another observation was that around the summit there was evidence of a fair few camp fires, something I have not seen there before.

Harter Fell

Start point: Birks Bridge, Duddon Valley (SD 235 992)

Harter Fell from Birks Bridge

Distance: 4.9 miles     Total Ascent: 477 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours     Start Time: 09:30

Temperature      3 ℃ 
Felt like        0 ℃
Wind Speed       8.6 mi/h
Wind Direction   NNW

It was the calm before the storm weather-wise today with it being cold, crisp and settled for one day only. I managed to get out for a walk to Harter Fell in the Duddon Valley, I know this offers some of the finest views of the Scafells and today did not disappoint. I felt sure I would be alone today in this remote fell at the head of a hidden valley – it didn’t quite turn out that way in the end but the day was enjoyable nevertheless.

On the top the conditions were baltic with a cold northerly wind blowing which meant we didn’t hang around for too long but I did manage to shelter from the wind and enjoy lunch looking across to the Scafells. Today I was with both furry companions as Dougal had an outing alongside Fletcher.

Gummer’s How

Start Point: Gummer’s How Car Park (SD 390 877)Gummer’s How Car Park – Gummer’s How (OF) – Gummer’s How Car Park

Start Time: 10:35

Weather: Clear                 
Temperature     4 ℃  
Feels like        0℃ 
Wind Speed      10.3 mi/h 
Wind Direction  N
Humidity          87%

It was a lot colder today than it has been during the rest of November, a real shock to the system but with the cold weather came clear skies.

Connie came home this weekend as a surprise visit from Manchester and really wanted to get out for a walk to her favourite fell, Gummer’s How, so how could I resist that one? It really was fantastic conditions up there today with a biting wind on the top. There was a long procession of people going that way as well such is its popularity and of course it is a relatively easy walk. Great to get the old team together once more!

The Dunnerdale Fells

Start Point: Kiln Bank Cross (SD 215 933)

Kiln Bank Cross – Stickle Tarn – Great Stickle (OF) – Tarn Hill (OF) – Stickle Pike (OF) – Kiln Bank Cross

Start Time: 09:50

Partly Cloudy                 

Temperature     11 ℃ 
Feels like        11 ℃
Wind Speed       11.7 mi/h
Wind Direction   WSW
Humidity          83%

It was sunny at home this morning but further inland over the Lakeland fells there was lots of low lying cloud. The only place with any light it seemed was the south-western corner and even that was looking a bit hit and miss. It is always an enjoyable and relatively easy round at Dunnerdale. The clouds were scooting through all the time and it was pretty breezy up on the tops. At least it was a chance for Dougal to get out again!

Newlands Round

Start point: Chapel Bridge, Little Town (NY 232 194)

Start Time: 06:55

Weather: Sunny spells.

Partly Cloudy                 
Temperature      6 ℃ 
Feels like       1 ℃
Wind Speed       3.8 mi/h
Wind Direction   S
Humidity         95%

Little Town – Chapel Bridge – Low High Snab – High Snab Bank – Robinson – Littledale Edge – Hindscarth – Hindscarth Edge – Dale Head – Dalehead Tarn – High Spy – Maiden Moor – Hause Gate – Catbells – Little Town

Well it’s been a long time since I did this one! The last time I did this route was in 2003 but of course the fells have been visited since then using different routes. It was longer and tougher than I remember but then again perhaps it is because I have 18 more years in my legs. This is a fantastic round and one that I can highly recommend and the conditions were absolutely perfect for it with fine Autumn weather. As you will see the conditions all around weren’t necessarily so good so I struck lucky today.

For anyone interested, there are two Striding Edge Lake District calendars this year, an A3 one and an A5 desktop version. They are available here and there is a multi-buy discount available for both sizes.

High Street

Start point: Hartsop (NY 410 130)

Hartsop – Gray Crag – Thornthwaite Crag – High Street – Straits of Riggindale – Kidsty Pike High RaiseRampsgill Head – The Knott – Hayeswater – Hartsop

Start Time: 06:55

Weather: Turning to sunny, cold wind. 12°C

Partly Cloudy                 
Temperature      4 ℃ 
Feels like       1 ℃
Wind Speed       6.0 mi/h
Wind Direction   NNW
Humidity         86%           

Wow, how long has it been since I was up some of these fells? Well the last time I was on Gray Crags was in 2009, I can hardly believe it!. When I set off, the eastern fells were overcast with cloud and looking to the west I could see those fells were bathed in sunshine. Not to worry, it soon cleared out to make it a fantastic day, the longest I have done for ages and probably the longest ever for Fletcher, taking in 7 new Wainwright summits for him. I won’t leave it so long next time.


Grizedale Forest

Some of the art installations that featured recently on the Sky Arts programme Landmark ended up in Grizedale Forest so Louise, the dogs and I visited to have a closer look. It was a fascinating programme to watch and see how the sculptures were created and brilliant to be able to get to see them in real life.

Beacon Fell

Start Point: At the end of the minor road from Brown Howe (SD 281 916)

Beacon Fell (OF) from Tottle Bank

Start Time: 11:15

Weather: Damp and overcast. 12°C

The dogs were sprung from the boarding kennels this morning after we had been away for a few days. We went to Beacon Fell, an old favourite of ours and nothing too taxing – it was the perfect walk for the conditions today which were pretty much a polar opposite of our previous walk to Helvellyn.

Click below to see the route – you can print or download a .gpx file. The route is the actual track walked.

Helvellyn via Striding Edge

Start point: Patterdale (NY 394 160)

Patterdale – Hole-in-the Wall – Striding Edge – Helvellyn – Swirral Edge – Catstycam – Patterdale 

Distance: 9 miles     Total Ascent: 920 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours     Start Time: 06:45

Weather: Cool and sunny. 9C

Well, here we are again! It took some time from the previous post to get a follow up but at last I have managed it. We have done some walks on the fells (when you have a Bearded Collie you have to!) but alas time has not allowed me to post them and some were done without taking a camera.

Things have changed for me recently with work which will hopefully free up time to get out there once again; to be free of a stuffy office and be back on the fells in the fresh air will feel even better this time around I am sure.

So, where to walk? Striding Edge – of course! It seemed the natural place to go and I haven’t done it for a while (9 years almost to the day in fact). Friday was forecast to be good so we set off early to make the best of it. Dougal is getting on in years now so he is retired from the more arduous walks so it was just Fletcher for company today.

Coniston Old Man sunrise

Start point: Walna Scar road (SD 289 970)

Walna Scar car park – Boo Tarn – The Old Man of Coniston – Brim Fell – Brim Fell Rake – Low Water – Below Beck Fells – Walna Scar car park

Distance: 4.1 miles     Total Ascent: 630 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 45 minutes     Start Time: 07:15

Weather: Cold, 0C!

Today looked like it would be a promising one with the prospect of crystal clear views with sub zero temperatures overnight so I thought I would take advantage of the relatively late sunrise (08:10) and set off for the Old Man in the dark. I was hindered at the beginning as annoyingly I managed to lose the end from my hydration bladder somewhere meaning that liquid was spilling all over without anything in place to stop it. There was nothing for it but to disassemble it and reconnect when required. All this faffing around hindered me a bit so I didn’t quite make the top for the sunrise but witnessed it on the way up instead.

Coniston Old Man Route Map


Start point: Wythburn (NY 324 136)

Wythburn – Birk Side – Nethermost Pike – High Crag Dollywaggon Pike Nethermost Pike Helvellyn  – Wythburn

Distance: 7.2 miles    Total Ascent: 1018 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 10 minutes     Start Time: 06:45

Weather: Freezing, some cloud and a strong cold wind. 0ºC

Today seemed to be the best bet for some decent wintry weather with the forecast showing wet and windy for pretty much the remainder of the week. It is always a bit of a leap of faith setting off up to the fells in the dark and hoping that the weather will be okay when you get to the top. Perhaps it wasn’t as fabulous as I hoped it may have been but still it was a great walk along the frozen Helvellyn ridge. That wind was bitingly cold up there yet at valley level it was as still as could be, especially to the south as you will see in the photos. There wasn’t a soul around this early and on such a day and it was quite special to have a sunrise and Helvellyn all to myself.

Helvellyn Map

Coniston Old Man

Start point: Walna Scar road (SD 289 970)

Walna Scar car park – Boo Tarn – The Old Man of ConistonBrim Fell – Brim Fell Rake – Low Water – Below Beck Fells – Walna Scar car park

Distance: 4.1 miles     Total Ascent: 630 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 45 minutes     Start Time: 08:30

Weather: Cold, turning very wintry. 3C

Today looked to be a good day for a walk on the fells, the opportunity arose so I took it and I’m glad I got there early as the weather certainly took a turn for the worse in a very short space of time. Nice to be out again, sorry about the lack of walks on the site but there are plenty of other things to occupy my time at the moment! I still intend to update as and when and who knows I may even fill in the gaps one day…

Coniston Old Man Route Map

Coniston Old Man

Start point: Walna Scar road (SD 289 970)

Walna Scar car park – Boo Tarn – The Old Man of ConistonBrim Fell – Brim Fell Rake – Low Water – Below Beck Fells – Walna Scar car park

Distance: 4.1 miles     Total Ascent: 630 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 45 minutes     Start Time: 08:30

Weather: Bright, sunny and warm. 20C

The boys were back in town!


Gummer’s How sunset

Start Point: Gummer’s How Car Park (SD 390 877)

Gummer’s How Car Park – Gummer’s How (OF) – Gummer’s How Car Park

Distance: 1.2 miles     Total Ascent: 150 metres     Time Taken: 0.5 hour     Start Time: 16:00

Weather: Mild, 12°C

There was just enough time to catch the rapidly fading light tonight to make it up to Gummer’s How. With the day being clear and calm I knew this lovely place would not disappoint as it is a great vantage point for a sunset.

Holme Fell

Start Point: Hodge Close (NY 315 016)

Holme Fell from Hodge Close

Distance: 1.7 miles     Total Ascent: 165 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour     Start Time: 08:15

Weather: Cool and calm, 8°C

Well, I did ask! Thank you for the feedback received regarding the website, the overwhelming feeling was that I should carry on and that there is still life in the old dog yet. Due to the amount of e-mails I received, there is no way I can personally respond to them all so to those of you that did send a message all I can say is thanks and I am grateful for the positive feelings about the site. The StridingEdge family is still alive and kicking.

This morning was lovely, a great change from the weather earlier in the week and nice to have a bit of calm and quiet. There was no wind at all this morning thankfully. I would say this was a typical Lakeland autumn morning, just beautiful and calm.

Holme Fell route map

Blawith Knott

Start Point: Woodland Fell road (SD 256 879)

Woodland Fell road – Blawith Knott – Angus Tarn – Tottlebank Height – Woodland Fell road

Distance: 2 miles     Total Ascent: 156 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 15 minutes     Start Time: 11:15

Weather: Mild, 14°C

It’s been a long time, but better late than never! Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated – I am still around and walks have been done, they just haven’t made it onto this website. I did wonder whether it is worth carrying on with the site – am I flogging a dead horse? Things have changed in the web world with instant posts on Facebook etc making a website like mine largely irrelevant so I would be interested in hearing what you think, good or bad…if there is still anyone looking!

Dunnerdale Fells

Start Point: Kiln Bank Cross (SD 215 933)

Kiln Bank Cross – Stickle Tarn – Great Stickle (OF) – Tarn Hill (OF) – Stickle Pike (OF) – Kiln Bank Cross

Distance: 2.5 miles     Total Ascent: 235 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes     Start Time: 09:00

Weather: Mild but very windy, 8°C

There isn’t much real winter weather around but I suppose that does have its own merits. Today was relatively mild but the wind was surprisingly strong once above valley level.