Sty Head Round

It’s a while since I have done these fells and it was nice to get back there for a visit. The weather was constantly changing and the summits were very windy with the clouds constantly blowing in and off. There was quite a number of dead sheep around today, a grizzly consequence of the heavy snowfall not so long ago.

Gillercomb Round

I was up at the crack of doom today for a quiet walk around Gillercomb. The weather threatened to clear all the time but the tops remained in cloud mostly, even though further north in Buttermere the sun was shining and it was the same down at valley level too.

Gillercomb Round

The weather returned to being dull and damp after the rather more glamorous conditions of last Thursday. The tops were in cloud until the very end when the sun made a brief appearance. I can hardly believe it is 3 years since I last visited Base Brown, how time flies! I think conditions were similar last time I was there as well; I must visit it in the sunshine one day.


A damp day with low lying cloud.