Beda Fell

Today I was due to have a short walk to complete a round of the Wainwright’s…until I double checked and realised I actually had two to complete, unfortunately not in the same vicinity. The first one to visit was Beda Fell before a drive round to Raven Crag.

Martindale Round

Today I was joined by StridingEdge stalwarts Andy Lang and Gary Jones for a circuit of Martindale. The occasion was to take in my final two Wainwrights to complete my third time round them, namely Beda Fell and High Raise. After the early mist lifted, the sun shone making it a great end to the walk and of course to completion of the 642!

Boredale Circuit

It was lovely and sunny this morning when I set off from Sandwick for a circuit of Boredale – so much so that the legs were soon zipped off from my trousers to make the first walk in shorts this year (was it really only a month ago I was on Harter Fell in the snow?). This was Casper’s first ‘big’ walk and he seemed to cope okay, with a few tips thrown in from the master, Angus.

Place Fell

The rain was very heavy today, with many areas flooded and gale force winds on the tops. Some interesting shots but no good views unfortunately.