Dow Crag via the South Rake

Start point: Walna Scar road (SD 289 970)

Walna Scar road – The Cove – Goat’s Water – South Rake – Dow Crag Buck Pike Blind Tarn – Cove Bridge – Walna Scar road

Distance: 5 miles     Total Ascent: 577 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 30 minutes     Start Time: 09:00

Weather: Sunny, 11C

It was a lovely morning this morning, perfect for a walk onto the fells. Any fells are a good day out for me at the moment; as you may have noticed the walks are a little less frequent these days but it is a case of fitting them in wherever I can – sometimes other things have to be done as well! This is a particular favourite and a good scramble if you like that kind of thing – I think The Old Man must have been busy today as I didn’t see too many people but the car park was completely full when I got back.

Dow Crag

Firstly, a few photos from a walk around Ennerdale taken last Saturday (9th April) which turned into a rather warm afternoon…

Buck Pike (Seathwaite Fell)

Height: 744 metres / 2441 feet Grid reference: SD 26232 97219

Buck Pike and Dow Crag

Buck Pike and Dow Crag

Heading for Buck Pike with The Old Man of Coniston to the right

Heading for Buck Pike with The Old Man of Coniston to the right


Start point: Coniston (SD 303 976)

Coniston – Walna Scar road – Brown Pike Buck PikeDow Crag Goat’s  Hawse – Coniston Old Man– Coppermines Valley – Coniston

Distance: 9 miles     Total Ascent: 1000 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 30 minutes

Weather: Snow and gale force winds, 3oC

Today’s weather was the most severe I can remember. There was deep snow all along the Walna Scar road with even deeper snow and gale force winds along the Dow Crag ridge. When I eventually reached The Old Man, I bailed out of the intended route along to Swirl How early – conditions were that bad. (Apologies for the quality of some of the photos, conditions weren’t conducive to great ones!).