Great Cockup

Height: 526 metres / 1726 feet Grid reference: NY 27336 33311 Category: The Northern Fells

The Back o' Skidda' from Great Cockup

The Back o’ Skidda’ from Great Cockup

Great Cockup

Great Cockup

The Uldale Fells

Start point: Longlands (NY 266 358)

Longlands – Longlands Fell Lowthwaite FellBrae Fell – Little Sca FellGreat Sca Fell Meal Fell – Trusmadoor –Great Cockup Longlands

Distance: 6.9 miles     Total Ascent: 673 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 40 minutes     Start Time: 10:20

Weather: Warm but windy on the tops. 12oC

Firstly, thanks to all (the many!) who attended the book launch in Keswick and Bowness this weekend, it was great to meet so many of the StridingEdge family and I was humbled by the amount of people that had travelled from far and wide to attend the event and meet Dougal and Casper (and two blokes that have brought a book out!). Thank you.

The weather has completely turned around from my last walk with the temperatures reaching a heady 12C and the snow has completely disappeared from the fell tops now. I wasn’t expecting much from the weather but was pleasantly surprised when the weather was much brighter than expected on these rather dull fells. The wind however was biting up there and it was really quite cold on the tops.

The Uldale Fells

Start point: Longlands (NY 266 358)

Longlands – Brae Fell (484) – Little Sca FellGreat Sca Fell Knott Frozen Fell Burn Tod – Trusmadoor – Great Cockup Meal Fell Lowthwaite Fell (485) Longlands Fell (486) – Longlands

Distance: 9.75 miles     Total Ascent: 970 metres     Time Taken: 3 hours 45 minutes

Weather: Very windy with showers. 16oC.

What a day! I passed through major rainstorms throughout the central Lake District to find it fairly clear behind Skiddaw. The tail end of Hurricane Gordon hit while we were up there today though, with very high winds and showers. Although it is usually relatively easy going, the fells being grassy and most unlike other fells in Lakeland, today the wind made the going much tougher.

The Uldale fells are known as ‘The Back o’ Skiddaw’ and are on the northernmost boundary of the Lake District. They certainly are off the beaten track and we completed this circuit without even catching sight of a single soul.

Uldale fells

Start point: Orthwaite (NY 253 337)

Orthwaite – Orthwaite Bank (162) – Little Cockup (163) – Great Cockup (164) – Trusmadoor – Meal Fell (165) – Little Sca Fell (166) – Great Sca Fell (167) – Knott (168) – Frozen Fell (169) – Burn Tod (170) – Orthwaite

Weather: Wind and rain.

A walk around The Uldale Fells today at the ‘Back O’ Skiddaw’. This area is a real wilderness and in the main the fells are grassy hummocks. A place of solitude, I didn’t see another soul today.