High Rigg (Naddle Fell)

The Wainwright High Rigg summit is called Naddle Fell by Birkett. Birkett gives an un-named summit further south the title of High Rigg and further south still, there is a subsidiary summit named Wren Crag.

Height: 357 metres / 1171 feet Grid reference: NY 30860 21994 Category: The […]

HIgh Rigg

It looked as though we would be in for a lovely morning when I set off early for our Love the Lakes shop in Keswick and the first few photos show some of the views on the journey. It was looking so good, I may never have got there at all if I stopped at all the viewpoints along the way but there was time for a quick sprint up to the top of High Rigg. This must rank as one of the best commutes possible, a pleasure all the way!

High Rigg

There was a definite north/south divide in the morning weather today and the sun shone brightly over Keswick as I crossed Dunmail Raise. This was a relatively easy walk on lower ground across lovely summer meadows and taking in the delightful Tewet Tarn and High Rigg on the route.

High Rigg

It was a mixed bag of weather today with it being really quite gloomy at the start before I was hit with a big hail/snow shower, a brief sunny spell and then back to the gloom. A constant, though, was the icy wind; a good day to stick to the lower fells I thought.

High Rigg

The blue skies have disappeared again and it was back to drizzle and general greyness for a walk over lowly High Rigg this morning. The views weren’t great today but the walk was pleasant enough with rain setting in during my ascent of Castle Rock.

High Rigg

Start point: The Church of St.John’s in the Vale. (NY 306 225)

High Rigg (210) from The Church of St.John’s in the Vale

Weather: Overcast with rain.