Irton Fell

Height: 395 metres / 1296 feet Grid reference: NY 14343 02610

Whin Rigg from the summit of Irton Fell

Whin Rigg from the summit of Irton Fell

Illgill Head

Start Point: Miterdale (NY 146 011)

Miterdale – Irton FellWhin RiggIllgill Head – Robin Gill – Miterdale

Distance: 8.7 miles     Total Ascent: 728 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours     Start Time: 09:20

Weather: Overcast, clearing slowly, 15°C

Today’s walk was across the top of ‘The Screes’ over Whin Rigg and Illgill Head. There are great views from the edge of the screes across Wasdale but the valley walk on the return leg isn’t that great, it being very enclosed and the way I went was quite boggy. All the better for testing new boots then…

Illgill Head

Miterdale Round

Start point: Old Quarry car park (NY 121 012)

Old Quarry car park – Irton Pike (OF) – Irton Fell – Whin Rigg  Illgill Head – Burnmoor Tarn – Miterdale – Old Quarry car park

Distance: 11 miles     Total Ascent: 745 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 30 minutes

Weather: Sunny with a cool wind on the tops. 10°C.

It turned out to be a really sunny day today, the early clouds soon cleared from the high fells and although there was a cold wind on the Whin Rigg – Illgill Head ridge, the walk back along Miterdale was in very Spring-like conditions. This is a lovely walk and Miterdale feels really remote; we didn’t see a soul today.


Illgill Head

Start point: Old Quarry car park (NY 121 012)

Old Quarry car park – Irton Pike (OF)Irton Fell Whin Rigg (445) Illgill Head (446) – Burnmoor Tarn – Miterdale – Old Quarry car park

Distance: 11 miles     Total Ascent: 900 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours

Weather: Grey to start, ever brightening. 7°C

It started off a bit grey and murky this morning, but at least it wasn’t raining after the downpour yesterday which left many places waterlogged and boggy. These fells overlooking Wast Water are perhaps better known from the side as ‘The Screes’, where the steep and treacherous western face looks almost insurmountable. The contrasting eastern side falling to Miterdale is quite gentle and grassy and this is the route I took for the return leg after the ridge walk above Wast Waster.

Irton Pike

Start point: Old Quarry car park (NY 121 012)

Old Quarry car park – Irton Pike (OF) Irton Fell (271)Great Bank (272) – Old Quarry car park

Weather: Cool and clear.

I’m under doctor’s orders today but exercise was recommended so it had to be an easy walk taken at a gentle pace. The Irton Pike/Irton Fell route was ideal as it gives great views of the high fells without being too strenuous. There were still many trees lying around in the Miterdale Forest and the surrounding woods having been blown over by the recent high winds.