Great Mell & Little Mell Fells

Start point: Brownrigg Farm (NY 407 247)

Great Mell Fell from Brownrigg Farm

Distance: 2 miles     Total Ascent: 275 metres   Time Taken: 45 minutes     Start Time: 11:35

Weather: Dull (on many levels!). 8C

What can I say? Not my favourites as already documented…but I was out.


Start point: The Hause (NY 423 235)

Little Mell Fell from The Hause

Distance: 0.7 miles     Total Ascent: 120 metres     Time Taken: 20 minutes     Start Time: 12:30

Better views from this one but I drove round to it rather than walking.

Gowbarrow Fell

Start point: Park Brow (NY 397 205)

Park Brow – Green Hill Gowbarrow FellGreat Meldrum (529) – Little Meldrum (530) Watermillock Fell (531) Little Mell FellSwinburn’s Park – Park Brow

Distance: 8 miles     Total Ascent: 770 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 30 minutes

Weather: Overcast and windy. 10ºC.

The brief winter wonderland interlude is over and it seems to have returned to dull and damp weather. It was raining as I set off this morning for a boggy walk over Gowbarrow Park and beyond, but thankfully that soon let up. There was just a little celebration taking place today too…

Little Mell Fell

Start point: The Hause (NY 423 235)

Little Mell Fell (506) from The Hause

Distance: 0.7 miles     Total Ascent: 120 metres     Time Taken: 25 minutes

Weather: Overcast with drizzle. 15oC.

Firstly – boots! How long do yours last? You hear stories of people having them last for years and years and I can’t say that I’m impressed that my latest pair lasted all of 7 months before the sole started to come away, and the pair before that barely lasted 12 months. The first time, I accepted it as hard wear and tear – but not this time, I have duly returned them to the manufacturers via the shop where I bought them. Here’s hoping for a result – at this rate I will have an eternal pair of boots if I get them replaced every time the sole comes off! It’s a shame, because apart from that the boots are absolutely brilliant and they are great to wear, very comfortable and waterproof.

Enough of the rant, onto today’s walk. It has been wet and miserable for the last few days, so I decided on somewhere low and also a fell that I haven’t visited for over 3 years, which must be the longest of all of them, and went to Little Mell Fell. This was a rare Birkett ‘bag’ and my penultimate Wainwright (second time around), not that I have been actively pursuing either for a while. Anyway, I managed to pass through all the heavy rain for an easy and quick climb in dry conditions. I realised why I haven’t revisited for so long – there is not a lot going for this one as it surrounded by fells that are better walks and have better views. Whatever, it was nice to be out again and on the way back I stopped off at Aira Force for a quick look.

3 Short walks

Walk 1 – Cow Bridge – Dovedale – Hart CragHartsop Above How (193) – Cow Bridge

Cloud coming in on the tops with a cold wind.


Walk 2 – Great Mell Fell (194) from Brownrigg Farm

Weather worsening now, turning to rain with a lot of cloud.


Walk 3 – Little Mell Fell (195) from The Hause

Weather even worse now with gale force winds.