Loadpot Hill

Height: 671 metres / 2201 feet Grid reference: NY 45689 18129 Category: The Far Eastern Fells

The Roman road from Ambleside to Brougham runs across Loadpot Hill, it is a continuation of the High Street ridge.

Fusedale Round

It started off fairly bright this morning but that soon changed once I was up onto Steel Knotts. Looking up to the High Street ridge, the clouds came down on it and I thought I was in for a day in the clag – fortunately it lifted before I got there but the breeze made it surprisingly cold today.

Fusedale Round

It has been a long time since I was over this way – in fact it seems like a long time since I have been over any way! However, needs must and I was glad to get out today even though I would have preferred the sunshine of yesterday. Normally I find this sort of terrain easy going and I thought I managed to do the walk surprisingly quickly as I felt a little unfit and was puffing and panting a bit on the climb up to Wether Hill. I must get out more to keep my fitness levels up…

Cawdale Circuit

It was up into the clouds this morning with accompanying drizzle and a biting wind. There were no views of anything today (so not many photos) but the going was easy and I managed to complete this one in super quick time. I’m not sure there would be a lot going for this walk in good weather as the area is quite bleak, although the views from High Street Roman Road are usually pretty good.

Fusedale Circuit

Today’s walk was a round of remote Fusedale on the eastern side of Ullswater. It was a steep pull onto the High Street ridge from Steel Knotts, but once on the top, the going is easy and I followed the old Roman Road for part of the route. Although it was warm today, it remained overcast virtually throughout with the odd sunny moment and a heavy shower towards the end.