Bethecar Moor

It may be May (!) but it doesn’t particularly feel like it, the shorts and tee shirt are still not in evidence yet. Dougal (and Casper) have gone for it though having lost their winter coats ready for the long hot summer ahead. It was just me and Dougal again today for a jaunt along the east side of Coniston Water up on Bethecar Moor, a fairly relaxed walk with some great views.

Top o’ Selside

This morning it was surprisingly warm for the time of year, but with that went the low cloud and general dullness. On the way up the east side of Coniston, I stopped to have a look at a metal statue that I have seen a few times peeping over the wall, but have never been close to. The autumn colours are really showing now, especially when the sun shines.

Top o’Selside

My waterproofs have been getting some use on the last few walks, that is for sure! Today was no exception as the rain never let up all morning for our short walk on the east side of Coniston Water up to Top o’ Selside. There were no views and the photos were snatched ones in the rain, but the lower sections of the walks through the ancient woods were pleasant enough. We were all glad of the fresh air, whatever the weather.

Top o’ Selside

It was cold and misty on the drive up to the east side of Coniston. Would it be cold enough at valley level to create a temperature inversion, where the cloud remains at a very low level and you can climb above it to clear skies? Well let’s see….

Top o’ Selside

Weather: Bright at first turning to drizzle.