Caw and the Coniston Fells

The weather was supposed to clear later in the day, unfortunately that never materialised but I was enjoying the fresh air so much I extended a planed shorter walk to Caw by linking it to the Coniston fells. It was an unusual route but it was worth it to see if it could be done (the answer is yes, but recommended? Probably not!).

White Maiden

The snow seems to have disappeared from all the south western fells now. Today was a real mixed bag of weather but an enjoyable climb up through the Walna Scar Quarries up to White Pike and White Maiden. It seems like ages since I have been this way so it was a welcome (if a bit fresh) return.

Seathwaite Fells

It was sunny, snowy and cold up on the Coniston fells this morning and it was nice to get above the snow line and tread the crisp, new snow in sunshine for a while. The wind was constantly blowing in snow showers up on the Dow Crag ridge and it looks like there is more to come. I had intended to walk round to Grey Friar and descend that way but the ominous clouds and heavy snow showers put paid to that idea!

Dow Crag

The sun was shining again today, with temperatures up to a pleasant 17C at valley level, although at times it was quite chilly in the cold breeze on the tops. I had a walk up to the Coniston fells from Torver, using the gradual ascent up to Walna Scar via the ‘ignored by Wainwright’ south western fells. The view becomes increasingly better using this route with unrivalled views of the southern Coniston fells and great views along the Duddon Valley to Harter Fell and the Sca Fells beyond.

Walna Scar

Today’s walk takes in a circuit of Torver High Common and is truncated from what I originally planned due to the rather inclement weather. As it rained from start to finish, there are no promised great views of the Coniston Fells or the Sca Fells, but there are some nice water shots – seeing as there was so much of it around!