Height: 511 metres / 1676 feet Grid reference: NY 09718 12977

Lank Rigg

It was damp with a strong wind today making it feel decidedly chilly; I wore gloves throughout which shows how cold it was. There were quite a few showers but at least the strong wind made sure they blew away quickly.

Lank Rigg

This was another area I have left too long to visit since the last time I was here in 2004. The weather was much better than on any previous visit but the breeze had a cold edge to it and gloves were required throughout. Nice to see the hidden treasure had made a reappearance on Lank Rigg once more.

Lank Rigg

Another muggy, overcast day today and a walk where solitude is virtually guaranteed on the western fringe of the Lake District – a round of the Lank Rigg group of fells.


Coldfell Road – Grike (96) – Crag Fell (97) – Iron Crag – Caw Fell (98) – Iron Crag – WhoapLank Rigg (99) – Whoap Beck – Coldfell Road