Cat Bells

Start point: Keswick Landing Stages (NY 264 227)

Keswick Landing Stages – Hawes End – Skelgill BankCatbells – Hause Gate – Brandelhow Bay – Keswick Landing Stages

Distance: 2.5 miles     Total Ascent: 450 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours

Weather: Sunny and warm becoming increasingly hazy. 18oC.

‘Better a volunteer than a pressed girl’! This was a walk Connie requested that we repeat after enjoying it a couple of years ago. Catching the launch from Keswick and returning on it after the walk extends the appeal of this one, as does searching for Mrs Tiggywinkle’s house, buried somewhere in the side of Cat Bells according to Beatrix Potter! Today we were joined by Nick, Maya and Busta and the weather really was lovely with only the haze to spoil the view. It looked like hundreds of other people had the same idea as us too with a constant stream ascending the fell in the sunshine.

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