The Dodds

Start point: Dockray, adjacent to the bridge. (NY 393 215)

Dockray – Bracken How (492) Round How (493) Common Fell – Watermillock Common –Swineside Knott Brown Hills Birkett Fell Hart Side White Stones on Green Side Stybarrow Dodd Watson’s Dodd Great Dodd Little Dodd (St John’s Common) (494) Calfhow Pike (495) Clough Head (496) Dockray

Distance: 13.4 miles     Total Ascent: 1156 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 45 minutes

Weather: Overcast, rain later. 14oC.

Another grey day today with just the odd glimmer of sunshine and heavy rain at the end. This is quite a long circuit but relatively easy going across boggy grass. I visited a couple of small tops at the beginning of the walk that I had never been to before which offered great views over Ullswater with little effort. It was very quiet up there though, and we never saw a single soul all day.

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