Hallin Fell

Start point: Howtown pier (NY 443 199)

Howtown – Hallin Fell – St. Peter’s Church – Howtown

Distance: 2.7 miles     Total Ascent: 260 metres     Time Taken: 3 hours

Weather: Sunny with a cool breeze, clouding later. 14oC.

It’s half-term this week (again? already?!), so I took Connie, her friend Maya and the dogs (of course!) for a trip on the Ullswater Steamers for a short walk up to Hallin Fell. We just hit it right with the weather, with the rain coming in by the time we got back to Glenridding at the end. If you ever see someone loaded down with a rucksack + 2 more pink rucksacks + camera + two excitable dogs + two children…that will be me! They won’t do their own carrying these young girls you know…

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