Gummer’s How

Start point: Gummer’s How Car Park (SD 390 877)

Gummer’s How Car Park – Gummer’s How (OF) – Gummer’s How Car Park

Distance: 1.2 miles     Total Ascent: 150 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes

Weather: Sunny and hazy. 23oC.

We had a short but very warm walk up onto Gummer’s How today, the distant views were once again obscured by the haze. It turned into a bit of an adventure this one – we had to get through a herd of cows, swarms of flies, find buried treasure (a geocache), find a dog lead that we had earlier put down and find a lens cap that I managed to drop on the way up…oh, and then get back through the cows. There was even evidence that this herd had summited earlier!

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