Blencathra via Sharp Edge

Start point: Scales (NY 349 272)

Scales – Sharp Edge – Blencathra (Atkinson Pike – Hallsfell Top) – Hall’s Fell Ridge – Scales

Distance: 5.5 miles     Total Ascent: 824 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 45 minutes     Start Time: 07:00

Weather: Sunny and warm. 15ºC

This morning’s walk was to Blencathra taking in the two most interesting ridges on there – Sharp Edge and Hall’s Fell Ridge. Both of these are excellent so it was a great walk all round, shame the cloud only cleared fully when I was almost back down.

Note: Just because I took my dogs over Sharp Edge, it doesn’t mean that every dog or indeed every person can do this one – it is a very exposed ridge and is treacherous in wet or icy conditions. Plenty of people have come a cropper crossing Sharp Edge. You have been warned!

When I was passing Newby Bridge early this morning, things were looking interesting so I had to stop and grab a couple of photos…

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