Silver How

Start point: Grasmere Church (NY 336 073)

Grasmere – Allan Bank – Silver How Lang HowBrigstone Moss – Allan Bank – Grasmere

Distance: 3.8 miles     Total Ascent: 377 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes     Start Time: 09:30

Weather: Sunny, cold wind. 12ºC

The day certainly didn’t promise much as I set off this morning when everything was flat and dull. As I climbed towards Silver How, the skies began parting and the sun came out to light up the fells in autumnal glory. A great little walk this turned out to be and I wished I had more time to let me walk a while longer. The wind that accompanied the sunshine and blew away all the clouds was a cold one though, bringing a little touch of winter to the proceedings. Today I had some new Scarpa Trek GTX to try out too so we’ll see how they fare over the next couple of months.

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