Blencathra via Sharp Edge

Start point: Scales (NY 349 272)

Scales – Sharp Edge – Blencathra (Atkinson Pike – Hallsfell Top – Scales Fell) – Scales

Distance: 4.5 miles     Total Ascent: 642 metres    Time Taken: 2 hours     Start Time: 07:25

Weather: Clearing, sunny spells, 12C

At last I was able to make it back on the fells – but where to go? Somewhere not too long but with a bit of excitement I thought and Sharp Edge fitted the bill perfectly. I enjoyed getting up at the crack of doom and getting out before most other people, the dogs managed it fine up there too and young Dougal took this big step in his stride as I knew he would.
Note: Just because I took my dogs over Sharp Edge, it doesn’t mean that every dog or indeed every person can do this one – it is a very exposed ridge and is treacherous in wet or icy conditions. Plenty of people have come a cropper crossing Sharp Edge. You have been warned!

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