Blawith Knott

Start point: Woodland Fell road (SD 256 879)

Woodland Fell Road – Blawith Knott (OF) – Angus Tarn – Tottlebank Height (OF) – Woodland Fell Road

Distance: 2 miles     Total Ascent: 156 metres     Time Taken: 50 minutes     Start Time: 08:30

Weather: Overcast. 16C

This must be about as far south and as far away in the Lake District as I could get from my last walk up to Binsey. The truth is I didn’t expect to get out anywhere at all this week but there is a lull in the shop preparations in Keswick as they are screeding the floor and we can’t get near today. That made today’s walk all the better and I always find Blawith Knott a good shorter walk.

The Keswick shop open this weekend so if you are in the area, please call in and see us – we will all be there including Dougal and Casper and it would be great to have a chat.


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