Devoke Water

Start point: Birker Fell road (SD 171 977)

Birker Fell Road Rough Crag (Birker Moor) (OF) Water Crag (OF)  Seat How (Birker Moor)  (OF) – Birker Fell Road

Distance: 3.5 miles     Total Ascent: 300 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes

Weather: Sunny with a cool breeze. 14oC.

I had a short walk this morning around Devoke Water, a largely missed and unvisited stretch of water. This is one which gives fine views, especially on a day that was ever clearing like today. Casper is ever improving as well – now he comes on command, which is good – now I’ve just got to get Angus to do it…!

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