Hesk Fell

Start point: Hole House (SD 181 930)

Hole House – Hesk Fell The Pike – Hole House

Distance: 3 miles     Total Ascent: 300 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes

Weather: Rain. 12oC.

It was sunny and warm when I left the car this afternoon for a short walk up to Hesk Fell – that changed within 200 yards to heavy rain, which lasted for virtually the rest of the walk – so that meant we got a real soaking! A good walk for Casper’s steep learning curve to become a fell walking maestro this one – we encountered a stream crossing (not good, but he’ll learn), fences (not good, but he’ll learn), a ladder stile (you’ve guessed it) and sheep (okay on this one, thankfully!).

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