Stickle Pike

Start point: Kiln Bank Cross (SD 215 933)

Kiln Bank Cross – Stickle Tarn – Stickle Pike (OF) Kiln Bank Cross

Distance: 1 mile     Total Ascent: 153 metres     Time Taken: 45 minutes

Weather: Snow, clearing clouds. 0oC

The road from Broughton Mills to the Duddon Valley was finally cleared of snow this afternoon, so I was lucky to be able to get up there for a quick walk up to Stickle Pike. There were no footprints or evidence that anyone had been over there in the snow, which shows just how much it has been cut off since Sunday. The knee deep snow served as a good reminder how tough and physically demanding it is walking in these conditions and gave me food for thought for a planned longer walk tomorrow. I expect there to be even deeper snow in places on the Coniston fells.

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