Holme Fell

Start Point: Hodge Close (NY 315 016)

Holme Fell from Hodge Close

Distance: 1.7 miles     Total Ascent: 165 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour     Start Time: 14:30

Weather: A wintry 2°C

There has been plenty of snow around Cumbria and the Lake District this weekend with some fabulous winter weather to go with it. I managed to miss all that being busy with all sorts of other things so today when I managed to get out, the day was very different to the weekend. Gone were the blue skies and winter wonderland, the south Lakes was transfrormned into a very overcast scene. It was a real winters day with mist hanging around and not a breath of air plus with all the snow dampening down any noise it made for a quite eerie walk. It was enjoyable though, Fletcher and Dougal certainly enjoyed being in the snow today.


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