The Langdale Pikes

This is it – the first walk ever published on the original StridingEdge – back in those days I could a) only fit 6 or 7 images on the memory card I had so it was used sparingly and b) the internet was still on dial up so these photos took forever to load up anyway!

Although these pictures were taken in 2003, the site didn’t get up and running until 31st January 2004 when there was the proverbial one man and his dog with no one bothering to look at the photos until eventually the site gained in popularity. Looking back on these photos whilst updating is funny as I can remember the walks as if they were yesterday…

Dungeon Ghyll – Stickle Tarn – Jacks Rake – Pavey Ark (1) – Harrison Stickle (2) – Loft Crag (3) – Pike O’ Stickle (4) – Stake Pass – Mickelden – Dungeon Ghyll

The next walk (I had begun counting the Wainwright’s at the same time) was as follows. There are no photos  so either the weather was bad or I wasn’t into the habit yet.

Grasmere – Easedale Tarn – Sergeant Man (5) – High Raise (6) – Gibson Knott (7) – Calf Crag (8) – Helm Crag (9) – Grasmere

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