Beacon Fell

Start point: At the end of the minor road from Brown Howe (SD 281 916)

Beacon Fell (OF) from Tottle Bank

Distance: 2 miles     Total Ascent: 200 metres    Time Taken: 1 hour 15 minutes

Weather: Warm but windy. 15°C.

Connie and I have had this one on the agenda for a good while – a visit to Beacon Fell with the intention of replacing the ever popular ‘Treasure Tin’, which we duly did. This is a great way to entice youngsters up onto the fell with the promise of hidden treasure at the top. If you do visit, please leave a comment in the book and tell us about your walk but please leave it all there for others to seek out. The weather was a bit odd today with it being quite warm in sheltered places and very hazy but with a really strong wind on the top.

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