Langdale Pikes

Start point: Stickle Tarn Car Park (NY 295 064)

New Dungeon Ghyll – Loft Crag Thorn CragPike O’Stickle – Martcrag Moor – Stake Pass – Mickleden – New Dungeon Ghyll

Distance: 5.8 miles     Total Ascent: 677 metres    Time Taken: 3 hours

Weather: Cold and wet on the tops. 10°C.

I was up and about early this morning and initially it looked promising as though it might turn out beautiful and sunny as it has been over the last few days. In fact it turned out to be completely the opposite as I got a good soaking and so opted to complete only half of the intended route (fair weather walker!). Casper has had a makeover too…


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