Great Mell Fell

Start point: Brownrigg Farm  (NY 407 247)

Great Mell Fell (320) from Brownrigg Farm

Distance: 2 miles     Total Ascent: 250 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours

Weather: A mixed bag, sunny with a fierce hailstorm at the end. The temperature was 8oC when we set off, 4oC when we got back to the car dropping to 2oC and then back up to 11oC on the way home!

The sun started shining by the time we reached Ullswater at lunchtime. We stopped off near Glencoyne Bridge to see Wordsworth’s daffodils before ascending Great Mell Fell, that great pudding basin, in the sunshine. We had good views from the top with plenty of snow visible on the higher fells. On the way down we could see a band of hailstones coming from the east which caught us just before we got to the car. Great Mell Fell and all views were completely obliterated when the storm reached us.

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