Start point: Overbeck Bridge (NY 168 068)

Overbeck Bridge – Bell Rib – Great Door – Yewbarrow (South Top) Yewbarrow (North Top) – Dore Head – Over Beck – Overbeck Bridge

Distance: 3.9 miles     Total Ascent: 580 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 30 minutes

Weather: Clear with long sunny spells. 3oC

Firstly, an apology to regular viewers about the length of time taken for the site to load over the last week or so. This has been caused by the number of hits received from people looking at the flood photos. Hopefully things have calmed down a bit now and the site should be back to normal.

Things have turned decidedly colder over the weekend with many of the fells having a snow cap on them now. I headed to Wasdale for a walk over Yewbarrow but there wasn’t much snow around up there, just a sprinkling really. It was mighty cold though and temperatures are set to plummet further overnight so perhaps winter has finally arrived.

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