Blengdale Horseshoe

Start Point: Greendale (NY 144 056)

Greendale – Blengdale Forest – Sampson’s Bratfull – Stockdale Moor – Caw FellLittle Gowder CragHaycock – Pots of Ashness – Seatallan – Cat Bields – Glade HowBuckbarrow – Greendale

Distance: 13 miles     Total Ascent: 1067 metres     Time Taken: 6 hours 30 minutes     Start Time: 09:30

Weather: Sunny spells, 8°C

I knew this would be a long one today so hopefully I would time it right to use the daylight to best advantage. The going over Stockdale Moor is a bit of a trudge to say the least and it seems to go on forever – the highlight was coming over Seatallan to the sunset, it was just fantastic. This route will feature in a future edition of Trail magazine.

Blengdale Horseshoe

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