Finsthwaite Heights

Start point: High Dam car park (SD 369 882)

Finsthwaite Heights (OF) and High Dam

Distance: 2 miles    Total Ascent: 150 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour

Weather: Dull and raining. 7°C

Another low level walk today due to the inclement weather up to Finsthwaite Heights and High Dam from Finsthwaite. Although man made to provide water power for the nearby bobbin mills (1835), the dams still manage to look beautiful and were described by Wainwright as ‘a much nicer place than the over populated Tarn Hows’.

Oddly, in the Wainwright Outlying fell chapter ‘Finsthwaite Heights’, he makes no mention of reaching the actual highest point and the chapter is just a walk around the area, so today I made the small detour to reach the top.

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