Start point: Lanthwaite Green (NY 159 208)

Lanthwaite Green – Grasmoor Crag Hill Wandope Thirdgill Head Man Whiteless Pike – Whiteless Breast – Low Bank – Rannerdale Knotts – Lanthwaite Green

Distance: 7.1 miles     Total Ascent: 1038 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours     Start Time: 09:00

Weather: Cold, very clear. 2°C

As I passed through Ambleside In could see the blood red sky to the south east catching me. As I went through Keswick, I could see a lovely inversion forming over Derwent Water but I managed to press on regardless despite these fantastic condition to head for Buttermere. I was rewarded with the shot I wanted across early morning Buttermere and then a walk in absolute clarity on the north western fells, taking in Grasmoor by the direct route from Lanthwaite Green – a steep one and not for the faint hearted. As Wainwright described it ‘On the whole, however, the climb is probably less difficult than the North Wall of the Eiger’!

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