Start point: Wythburn (NY 324 136)

Wythburn – Nethermost Pike – Helvellyn – Wythburn

Distance: 4.7 miles     Total Ascent: 800 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 15 minutes

Weather: Overcast and cold. 0°C.

If I wanted to get out for a walk today then it would have to be early so that I could fit everything else I needed to do in. So, earlier than early it was then! It was dark when I set off for Helvellyn from Wythburn, climbing the main section in first light and returning along the same path. I was hopeful for some clear weather at the top, but you never can tell what it will do and you certainly can’t if it is dark when you set off! The weather turned out not to be the best but it was nice to get up and back down again before breakfast.


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