Blea Rigg

Start point: Grasmere (NY 336 073)

Grasmere – Silver HowBlea Rigg – Easedale Tarn – Easedale – Grasmere

Distance: 6.3 miles     Total Ascent: 562 metres     Time Taken: 3 hours 15 minutes     Start Time: 08:30

Weather: Rain at first then clearing. 3°C

This wasn’t where I intended to go today but in the northern half of the Lakes, over Dunmail Raise it was raining heavily and continued to do so all morning. Back at Grasmere it was also raining when I set off but it soon cleared with the clouds swirling on and off the high fells leaving behind a fresh carpet of snow on them. The backdrop to today’s walk was the sound of the hunt – the horn, the shouts and the dogs. I think Dougal and Casper quite fancied joining in!

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