Coniston Old Man

Start point: Walna Scar road (SD 289 970)

Walna Scar car park – Boo Tarn – The Old Man of Coniston – Boo Tarn – Walna Scar car park

Distance: 2.9 miles     Total Ascent: 572 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes     Start Time: 15:30

Weather: Cool and clear. 1C

It was a beautiful day in the Lake District today but when a blanket of freezing fog descended over our house in the afternoon, I knew that conditions would be good higher up and that there would be a good sunset too. It was thanks to Louise that I went on this one as she persuaded me to make the effort and I am thankful that she did – the sunset across the inversion was simply stunning.

This was totally a ‘no frills’ walk so there is no route map – I ascended and descended using the route 1 method!

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