The Coniston Fells

Start point: The Sun Inn, Coniston (SD 300 975)

Coniston – Walna Scar road – Brown PikeBuck PikeDow Crag Goat’s  Hawse – Coniston Old Man  – Brim Fell Levers Hawse –  Great How Swirl How – Prison Band – Swirl Hawse – Levers Water – Boulder Valley – Coppermines Valley – Coniston

Distance: 10.2 miles    Total Ascent: 1085 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours 30 minutes

Weather: Cold and clear. -4°C

I actually came to Coniston yesterday (Wednesday 6th January) to walk theses fells but decided against it due to the heavy snow when I arrived there – I knew the fells would still be there another day and surely enough, this morning turned out lovely and clear. This would be fantastic and memorable day for a walk on the fells. According to Radio Cumbria, last night was the coldest ever recorded in Cumbria with a temperature of -14.5C recorded at Carlisle. When I got to Coniston it was -9C, so I knew it would be pretty cold today. As it turned out, it was quite warm in the sunshine but when in the wind or shade, then it was particularly noticeable how cold it really was.

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