Red Screes

Start point: Kirkstone Pass (NY 401 080)

Red Screes from Kirkstone Pass

Distance: 1.4 miles     Total Ascent: 330 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour

Weather: Cold and overcast. 2ºC

The brighter weather seemed to be to the east today though I never managed to quite catch it. Down in Bowness it was lovely and sunny but on the higher ground it was a different story, all frozen and cold. I had a look at Kilnshaw Chimney but knew it would be too much for Dougal at the moment – we did manage to catch it a bit higher up and crossed over it. These ‘in between’ sort of conditions are quite treacherous with the bare rock being very slippery with lots of ice. On the way down someone gave me a five minute lecture about the dangers of fell walking in winter and how treacherous it was, so thanks for that – I must have looked like a newcomer to the fells!

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