The weather turned out to be one of the poorer days in the middle of a stunning week this week…but you have to take your opportunities when you can so that’s what we did when we had a short walk up to two of the smaller fells at the head of Ullswater.

Grisedale Horseshoe

I was up early this morning to make the most of the expected good weather to come for the day. I wasn’t disappointed and it turned into a fantastic and memorable day on the fells with incredible clarity and an inversion over the Lake District as well. When I set off from Patterdale this morning (in the dark!), the temperature gauge was showing -1C but once the sun rose it was really warm and I ended up completing the walk in shirt sleeves.

Glenamara Park

Today was another ‘Dougal length’ walk as I am mindful that he is still only a pup and we can’t go too far just yet, eager though he may be! We had a walk around Glenamara Park taking in Birks and Arnison Crag and the weather started off clear enough but there were soon ominous looking clouds around blown in by the strong wind which proved to be a real cold blast.

Glenamara Park

It was a bit grey and damp for a short walk circling Glenamara Park above Patterdale, but at least it wasn’t raining after the downpour of last night. Everywhere was very wet though and the wind on the tops was quite chilly with only brief glimpses of sunshine to provide some cheer.

Deepdale Horseshoe

After a cold and frosty night, it was a really clear day today with lovely blue skies and autumnal colours all around Deepdale. The Hartsop above How ridge is a fine walk and the return across Fairfield and St. Sunday Crag makes a lovely circuit of the valley. Angus and Casper managed to get recognised again on St. Sunday Crag by a StridingEdge fan, and (by default) so did I!


I had a great high level ridge walk today along the Hartsop above How ridge, up to Hart Crag and Fairfield and then back down along the Saint Sunday ridge. It was a pleasant surprise to see the sunshine, but it was deceptively cold on the tops with a bitter wind blowing. With hindsight I would have been better off starting and finishing at Deepdale Bridge and walking the full Hartsop above How ridge.


Patterdale – Birkhouse Moor (140) – Striding Edge – HelvellynNethermost Pike (141) – Dollywaggon Pike (142) – Seat Sandal (143) FairfieldCofa PikeSaint Sunday CragBirks – Patterdale