Coniston Round

That wasn’t supposed to happen! The weather was predicted to be the same as yesterday, blue skies and general loveliness above the clouds – however, rule #1 is there is no accounting for the weather. There was a strong wind and grey skies above the low lying fog with the upper clouds only clearing at the very end of the walk. This was a good long walk on the shortest day of the year and the fells were surprisingly busy today.

Seathwaite Fells

This afternoon’s objective started out as Grey Friar, that outpost of the Coniston fells. As I made my way up to Seathwaite Tarn, I could see it was looking decidedly gloomy up there whilst everywhere else seemed to have blue skies. Instead, I opted to climb up to Dow Crag using a pathless route of ascent from Seathwaite Tarn – a good decision I think!

Coniston Round

It didn’t look too promising when I set off along the Walna Scar Road and sure enough when I reached Brown Pike the wind was gale force and the hailstones were shotblasting my face. Magically, when I reached Dow Crag, the clouds cleared (blown away presumably!) and there were lovely blue skies. The wind was ever present and made the walking difficult at times; full winter gear was required today. Today was the first time I have ever been recognised on the fells from this website (okay, Angus was recognised to be technically correct). He’s famous that dog!

Dow Crag

The sun was shining again today, with temperatures up to a pleasant 17C at valley level, although at times it was quite chilly in the cold breeze on the tops. I had a walk up to the Coniston fells from Torver, using the gradual ascent up to Walna Scar via the ‘ignored by Wainwright’ south western fells. The view becomes increasingly better using this route with unrivalled views of the southern Coniston fells and great views along the Duddon Valley to Harter Fell and the Sca Fells beyond.

Coniston Tarns

It was amazing how many tarns and stretches of water could be seen on this Coniston Round; they are shown on this page.