The Business Meeting, Clough Head

The Business Meeting? Well today was a bit of that, taking a walk with Clive Hutchby to discuss various things up to Clough Head. There were some good sunny spells but it was really quite cold on the top with a strong breeze blowing.

Clough Head via Fisher’s Wife Rake

It was a dogless walk today as I took the opportunity to get up to Clough Head in sunny weather with Robin. We ascended by the steep Fisher’s Wife’s Rake and descended by the even steeper Red Screes north face of Clough Head. Looking around, there were a few fells that were in and out of cloud and I think we caught best part of the day as well.

Clough Head

Fisher’s Wife’s Rake is one of those walks I have had on the agenda for a while and it certainly is the direct route to Clough Head, although it wasn’t as severe as I was expecting. There were showers at the start of the climb up the rake but the clouds miraculously cleared towards the end of the walk, reminding me that it is still late summer yet.

The Dodds

Another grey day today with just the odd glimmer of sunshine and heavy rain at the end. This is quite a long circuit but relatively easy going across boggy grass. I visited a couple of small tops at the beginning of the walk that I had never been to before which offered great views over Ullswater with little effort. It was very quiet up there though, and we never saw a single soul all day.