Carl Side

I didn’t really know where I was going to end up when I set off this morning and this was very much a dynamic walk. I intended going up to Skiddaw but I ended up going in the opposite direction and just making my mind up as I walked. The unusual descent is not really recommended unless you are in a rush and I could not resist squeezing Dodd in at the end of the walk. How I found my way through the woods below Dodd I’ll never know but as it turned out the navigation was spot on!


I was out and about early this morning for a quick climb to Dodd from The Old Sawmill tearooms. Prior to climbing the fell, I had a look down at Derwent Water for a calm lake shot (2011 calendar?!) and managed to elbow my way in with all the other photographers down there! It was a lovely morning but I was a bit too early for those blue skies today.

Hopegill Head

It was really rough weather today with a strong, freezing wind making the going tough for much of the route. The calmest part was surprisingly the high level ridge to Hopegill Head between the outward leg of Dodd and the homeward leg of Ladyside Pike. Coupled with the really strong wind was treacherous ice covered which had a thin veneer of snow on top – that meant we certainly had to watch our step today.


Today’s mission was to see the Osprey’s from the viewpoint in Dodd Wood, make it to the top of Dodd and have some nice cake in the tearoom at the end – all accomplished! There was a brief spell of sunshine on the way up to the summit, but later we could see the rain quickly advancing across the Derwent Valley and we got a good soaking during lunch – not to worry, we didn’t let it dampen our enthusiasm much!


Weather: Dull and cool.