Ennerdale Fell

Height: 644 metres / 2113 feet Grid reference: NY 12326 11925

The summit of Ennerdale Fell

The summit of Ennerdale Fell

Ennerdale Circuit

Start point: Bleach Green, Ennerdale (NY 085 153)

Bleach Green – Bowness Great Borne Starling Dodd Little Dodd (Ennerdale) Red Pike (Buttermere) High Stile High Crag Memorial Bridge, Ennerdale – High Level Traverse – Shamrock Traverse Pillar Black Crag (Pillar) Scoat Fell Steeple Haycock Little Gowder Crag Caw Fell Ennerdale Fell Crag Fell – Bleach Green

Distance: 18 miles     Total Ascent: 2183 metres     Time Taken: 10 hours     Start Time: 06:00

Weather: Sunny and warm. 15°C

It’s a good while since I have done a full day walk and today seemed like a good opportunity to do a circuit of lovely Ennerdale. The weather was superb, a bit fresher than of late and the air was clearer for it. It was a great day out amongst my favourite fells and it was relatively quiet up there too, although it was good to chat to StridingEdge fans on Scoat Fell and then on Steeple. 

Ennerdale Circuit

Start point: Bleach Green, Ennerdale (NY 085 153)

Bleach Green – Bowness Brown How (Ennerdale)HerdusGreat BorneGale FellStarling DoddLittle Dodd (Ennerdale)  Red Pike (Buttermere) (357) High Stile (358) High Crag (359) Haystacks (360) –  Looking Stead – High Level Traverse – Shamrock Traverse PillarBlack Crag (Pillar)Scoat FellSteepleHaycockLittle Gowder CragCaw FellEnnerdale FellCrag Fell – Bleach Green

Distance: 23.6 miles     Total Ascent: 2864 metres     Time Taken: 10 hour 20 minutes

Weather: Mainly sunny with lots of snow (!) showers. 7-11°C, valley level – much colder on the tops.

Today’s walk is a long, high level circuit of the beautiful Ennerdale Valley with virtually the whole route being completed at an elevation in excess of 500m. I have had this one on my list of ‘to do’ walks for a while so it was satisfying to complete the walk on a mainly clear day. The photo’s here actually belie the conditions somewhat as the clouds came in when I was crossing from Haystacks to Pillar and there was an icy blizzard. The snow showers continued to come and go throughout the rest of the walk and conditions remained very cold.


Start point: Bowness Knott Car Park (NY 109 153)

Bowness Knott Car Park – Lingmell (Ennerdale) (225) – Tewit How – Haycock (226) Little Gowder Crag (227)Caw Fell (228) Ennerdale Fell (229) – Bowness Knott Car Park

Weather: Overcast, some showers, brightening later.

Today’s walk is a circuit Ennerdale with the high point being Haycock. I could see the clouds were at a low level when I set off and was in the clag most of the day (again!), although there was a surprise clearing of the mist on Caw Fell.