Deepdale Round

The promised clear weather never materialised today, in fact it was the opposite as the clouds and clag closed in as the day went on. I was looking forward to this one as a new route for me, I must go back and do it on a fine day as I think the views would be brilliant from Greenhow End.

Fairfield Horseshoe

The weather experts weren’t wrong today, it was an absolutely gorgeous morning for a walk around the Fairfield Horseshoe – one I haven’t done (unbelievably) since 2007.

Striding Edge

The snow has begun to thaw and it was all a bit dull and overcast when I set off from Patterdale this morning. Once up to the Hole-in-the-Wall though, there were regular sunny spells and the crossing of Striding Edge is a s fantastic as ever in winter conditions. I lengthened the walk by climbing to Fairfield after the Helvellyn ridge but the wind was mighty strong and cold up there and it made walking quite difficult at times. The days are pretty short at the moment and the descent was mirrored by the setting of the sun.

NOTE: This walk was done in winter conditions and it can be extremely hazardous up on Striding Edge in this weather. Just because I did it with my dog doesn’t mean to say you can. Please make sure you are properly equipped for the conditions.

The Fairfield Horseshoe

It was lovely and clear first thing this morning for a walk of the Fairfield Horseshoe with which I added a slight detour out to Stone Arthur above Grasmere. It was interesting to watch the weather almost constantly changing with clouds forming in the valleys before they lifted as I reached the top of Fairfield. The descent of Hart Crag and Dove Crag was done in very wintry mist with a covering of snow on these higher fells. By the time we got through that, the high cloud had come in to dull conditions somewhat and make it feel even cooler out of the sunshine.

Deepdale Horseshoe

After a cold and frosty night, it was a really clear day today with lovely blue skies and autumnal colours all around Deepdale. The Hartsop above How ridge is a fine walk and the return across Fairfield and St. Sunday Crag makes a lovely circuit of the valley. Angus and Casper managed to get recognised again on St. Sunday Crag by a StridingEdge fan, and (by default) so did I!

Fairfield Horseshoe

I knew it was going to be a warm one today – it was 23oC when I set off from Rydal this morning! It was hot and muggy with a welcome breeze on the higher parts, and very quiet up on the Fairfield Horseshoe. Angus and Casper kept themselves cool by wallowing in mud, glorious mud that baked on in the sun, and is proving impossible to get off.


I had a great high level ridge walk today along the Hartsop above How ridge, up to Hart Crag and Fairfield and then back down along the Saint Sunday ridge. It was a pleasant surprise to see the sunshine, but it was deceptively cold on the tops with a bitter wind blowing. With hindsight I would have been better off starting and finishing at Deepdale Bridge and walking the full Hartsop above How ridge.

Fairfield Horseshoe

After a short lay off, it was good to get back out on the fells today with a classic round – The Fairfield Horseshoe. The weather looked promising but the haze never lifted although it was lovely and warm

Pinnacle Ridge

Another fine and warm day today for a climb up to Saint Sunday Crag using a new route (for me) to the summit, Pinnacle Ridge, a serious and quite challenging technical grade 3 scramble.


Patterdale – Birkhouse Moor (140) – Striding Edge – HelvellynNethermost Pike (141) – Dollywaggon Pike (142) – Seat Sandal (143) FairfieldCofa PikeSaint Sunday CragBirks – Patterdale