Grey Friar via the south-west ridge

There was an arctic blast again today with snow and hail falling on the higher ground and the wind was biting to say the least.

Coniston Round

Today’s walk involved an early start to take in a round of the Coniston fells. It was a solitary walk today and there was no-one around and that wind was oh-so cold, I think I have forgotten what it can be like given all the recent warm weather we have had – brrr!

Grey Friar

It was completely miserable this morning when I set off in full waterproofs and the rain was like stair rods. Still, how could I disappoint Dougal and Casper who were raring to go for this one? Once up at Seathwaite Tarn I could see it was clearing from the west, the rain clouds were blown away by the strong wind…as was I by the fact the day turned out so well after a wet start! The downside of the day was the Salomon ‘wonder boots’ let in after a prolonged walk through very boggy sections, especially on the return section. It’s back to the drawing board in search of the ultimate pair of boots I’m afraid!

Coniston Circuit

I didn’t know what the weather would do today; it looked clear enough but the forecasts predicted otherwise so I opted for a circuit of the Coniston fells which seemed to be enjoying a decent amount of sunshine. Coniston Water was covered with a blanket of cloud as happens on this type of freezing morning but higher up it was a mix of wispy clouds and clear blue skies. The highlight was the fabulous stillness and reflections on Levers Water.

Coniston Round

That wasn’t supposed to happen! The weather was predicted to be the same as yesterday, blue skies and general loveliness above the clouds – however, rule #1 is there is no accounting for the weather. There was a strong wind and grey skies above the low lying fog with the upper clouds only clearing at the very end of the walk. This was a good long walk on the shortest day of the year and the fells were surprisingly busy today.

Grey Friar

The sun continued to shine for this morning’s ascent to the north-west cornerstone of the Coniston fells, Grey Friar. There was a strong, icy breeze blasting down from the fells across Seathwaite Tarn and it felt a lot colder than yesterday.

Grey Friar, standing apart from the main Coniston fells, gives magnificent, uninterrupted views of the Sca Fells and a great view of Harter Fell and westwards out to the coast and the Irish Sea.

Coniston Tarns

It was amazing how many tarns and stretches of water could be seen on this Coniston Round; they are shown on this page.