High Street

Height: 828 metres / 2717 feet Grid reference: NY 44078 11045 Category: The Far Eastern Fells

High Street was formerly known as Racecourse Hill (due to the fact that formerly there was a racecourse on the top) and gets its present name from the Roman road […]

Riggindale Round

It was beautiful this morning, very still and sunny and it was pleasantly warm climbing Rough Crag but as soon as I got to the High Street plateau it was covered with cloud which made it feel a lot cooler. It was a great day for it though and we were in total solitude throughout with just deer and sheep for company.

Riggindale Round

The sunshine and optimism of an early start soon disappeared this morning with the bulk of fells being covered in cloud. I walked a round of Riggindale waiting for the summer to make a reappearance but was disappointed that it never happened, I was ready for it too with my shorts on…and of course my hat and gloves! No sign of the Golden Eagle today either although I did have a good look.

Kentmere Horseshoe

The good weather certainly deserted me this morning and the walk from Kentmere to the top of the Garburn Pass was completed in pouring rain. The weather improved by drying up but the tops were shrouded in mist throughout the walk, although the sun did have a good attempt at trying to burn through but never quite made it. There were no views and no other people around today.

Hayeswater Circuit

I managed to get over Kirkstone Pass this morning even though it was pretty icy again. This is the fourth walk in a row in the same area, I guess I am just drawn over that way at the moment for some reason. The weather prediction was for great clarity today and it was indeed clear all morning, but the sun did not quite manage to get through the cloud although there were some quite amazing skies over the snowy fells.

Mardale Round

It was sunny and bright first thing this morning with hardly a cloud in the sky – fantastic conditions for a walk around Mardale Head. Once up to High Street, the clouds came in and made it all a bit flat and I felt in hindsight it might have been better walking anti-clockwise…but then again, who knows? You never can tell what the weather will do.

Riggindale Round

I nearly never bothered today, it was wet and miserable first thing this morning but a chance hearing of the weather report on the radio made me get out as it was supposedly brightening during the day. I could hardly believe my luck as I reached Mardale, for the sun was shining and the skies were blue. This was a really enjoyable round (helped by the weather of course!) taking the direct route to High Street via Rough Crag, walking along the Roman Road, trying and failing to spot the Riggindale Golden Eagles and finishing off on the ancient British Fort on Castle Crag above Haweswater.

High Street

Another walk chosen by my 13 year old son today, principally to take in some wildlife; the promise of wild ponies on Thornthwaite Crag, a Golden Eagle over Riggindale and deer in the Martindale Deer Forest spurring him into action. Of course, there was also the lure of walking in the footsteps of Roman soldiers across High Street.

Mardale Skyline

This is the start of my quest to climb the 541 Birkett Fells!

Hard Knott

Hard Knott Roman Fort – Hard Knott (25) – Hard Knott Pass